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The Ten Commandments

What is and for what is the examination of conscience by  Father Jordi Rivero

Examination of Conscience
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It is examining our conscience before God in prayer, in the light of  the teachings of the Church since our last confession. It is a necessary step before  making a good confession. It is also advisable to take a test the day before bedtime.



The purpose of the examination is not to distress but rather to recognize the blame seriously and to trust in God to confess knowing that we will be forgiven. The whole process is moving in the infinite mercy of God revealed in Jesus Christ.  




We see our faults in relation to:


         The Ten Commandments.

              The Seven Deadly Sins.

              The defects of character.

                     The gifts that God has given us to serve Him

              The responsibilities of our vocation.


Precisely because we are sinners, we are blind to our sins. Satan wants us to see that there is no harm in what we do. Then the heart is hardened, it is insensitive to the demands of love. So it is so important to conversion of heart.


“Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says” If you hear my voice today, do not harden your hearts ... Attention brothers! That none of you has an evil heart of unbelief...” Hb:3.


God is a loving, a Father who makes us to see sin, to give us the grace to repent and forgive. He wants us free. The devil does not want us to see our sin. But if we seek God’s way, the evil one will try to accuse us our sins so that we become discouraged and turn back to our old ways. We can discern the difference then. God teaches us to release and forgive sin, the devil hides it, but when he reveals it to us we are led to despair. We must strongly reject these thoughts and go to confession with confidence in God’s forgiveness. God always forgives when there is repentance.


It is very helpful for you to make a daily examination of conscience and, in all humility, be open to allow people close to you to correct you.  “If you judged ourselves, you would be doomed” (1 Cor. 11, 31)


The examination is done before God, obeying his voice in consciousness.


Preparation for Confession 


Daily preparation: We are educated in the faith through the study of the Word, the Catechism, reading of the saints, share lessons, etc. The serious practice of what we learn. That is, the daily examination of conscience. 


Immediate preparation: An examination of conscience before confession. We go to a quiet place, preferably before the tabernacle, to pray. Only God can shed light on our situation and give us the means to respond to grace. 



Contemplate the life of Jesus and His love revealed in His Cross.


            “Behold they pierced” Jn 19:37.


How much love I have answered, so many thanks. We examine our lives to God’s law. So it helps to have a written exam that we remember what we have forgotten. We recall that this is not just suggestions, God gave us commandments. Breaking them is breaking our covenant with God and falling into sin. It is not just enumerating our sins but rather to discover the heart and twisted attitude with sorrow for our sins, making a determination not to make them again. There are always areas where we are weaker and require special attention, but if we realize that Christ, not culture, is the measure, we find that we all have a lot to grow. 


The confession can only be made to a priest.




This test is for those who, loving Christ, not content with avoiding grievous sins, but want to love him with all his heart. Father Jordi Rivero


Love God above all things (First Commandment).



             Have I loved God above all?

            Who have I given the most attention?

 Have I made my family, work, ministries, programs, ideas or other good things my first love?

            In practice do you trust the love and power of God?

            Would you entrust everything to God or do you want to do it myself?

            Do I trust God when everything seems to go wrong?

 Have I fallen into superstition or another religious practice alien to   Christianity?


Daily Prayer - How was my day:

            Do I spend time with God, Liturgy of the Hours, family prayer?

            Have I praised God, have I thanked him and I have complained?

            Do I intercede for my family, my prayer group, the Church, for the world?

            Have I prayed with my heart, to be open to the Holy Spirit?

            Do I take time to discern?

            Do I wait for the Lord, do I hear the Lord? - Did I follow what He says?

            When I get some teaching do I keep it in my heart?

 Do I include my husband / wife (or another person, formed & prudent, trained and wise) in my    discernment or do I just listen to them?; - That is, listen, obey and respect those who have  legitimate authority over me (just laws, bosses, etc..)? .

  What criteria do I use to determine if what I want to do is the Holy Spirit or my spirit? - And I    find it important to always follow those criteria?

            Do I use the gifts God gave me for His glory?

            Am I open to receive new gifts as God wills?

 Have I been legalistic (doing just enough to meet) or live my faith in the Spirit giving myself  wholeheartedly?


Order and Priorities

 Do I spend my time responding to God's priorities or to the pressures of any person or occasion to  "look good"?

            Do I interpret what I do with respect to eternal life?

            Do I reflect on my death on Judgment Day?

            Do I have clear priorities and am I firm to live by them?

Do I spend time with magazines, programs, etc. that do not edify me, do not build me up?

 Do I have a schedule and organize my day with discipline, allowing time for each area with wisdom, prayer, family, work?; What have I messed up, where am I out of order? Do I stay         doing something I like knowing that it is time to do something else?

 Do I respect the time and needs of others: when I seek help, on the phone, etc. ..?

 Do I take care of my health? Do I have any addictions, vices, lack of exercise, rest, nourishment,   or Do I take care of myself TOO much?



***Thou shalt not take the name of God in vain.  (Second Commandment) (by very Rev. James Alberione, S.S.P, S.T.D. )

  • Have I used God's name in vain: lightly or carelessly?
  • Have I been angry with God?
  • Have I wished evil upon another person?
  • Have I insulted a sacred person or abused a sacred object?


Keep holy the Lord's day. (Third Commandment)


 Do I keep the Lord's Day for the Lord or do I do unnecessary work that day?

            Do I go to Mass every Sunday?

Have I worshiped with all my heart in the Eucharistic Christ who awaits me in the tabernacle?

 Have I loved and consoled our Lord for all who do not love and offend Him?

            Do I go to daily Mass if I can?

            Have I prepared myself before receiving the Lord ?


The Cross


            Have I meditated before the cross? 

Do I seek its transformative power and wisdom? How is it manifested in my life?

            Do I ask God for the grace to love the cross?

            Have I left the will of God to avoid the cross?

Do I unite my crosses to Christ's cross? - problems, diseases, responsibilities, people my age, my calling/vocation...

Do I seek self-gratification, the satisfaction of all my physical and emotional needs or do I mortify myself for the love for Jesus?.

            Do I unite myself to the cross for the ones who suffer?

            Do I sacrifice for love?





            Do I reject sin even if it is acceptable by our culture?

Have I thought or acted slightly, as if the righteousness of the saints is        “overkill”/EXAGGERATION?

 Have I avoided the occasion of sin: environments, programs, bad friends ...?

            Do I seek God to show me my sin (also old and forgotten sins)?

 Do I recognize and responsibly repair my sins and faults or do I justify MYSELF?

            When someone corrects me, do I appreciate it?

 When was my last confession? Did I minimize my sin due to embarrassment? Have there been any changes since my last confession?

            Did I do a full confession or did I hide something?

 Is there something (habit, wound, complex/obsession) that the enemy uses to his advantage?, How do I allow God to release me from this?

            Should I reconcile with someone and I have not done?





Have I consecrated myself to the Virgin Mary and, if so, do I live my consecration fully? - How?

            Do I accept her motherly care?

            Do I allow myself formed by it? - How?.

            Do I have recourse to her in prayer, and do I meditate on  her life?


Relations with others


 Are all my relations in the light of the Lord (God): lovingly, chaste, wholesome and sincere?

 Do I harbor hatred or enmity towards anyone? - Fights, rivalries, violence, ambition, discord, sectarianism, strife, jealousy, drunkenness?

 Have I been faithful to commitments with my brothers and others?, Am I growing in these commitments?

            Am I trustworthy and reliable in my home, group work, etc?

            Do I keep my promises, commitments,  and do I maintain confidentiality?

            Do I seek unity in the Lord? (Phil. 2: 1-11, 1 Cor. 10:17)

            Am I helpful?

            Am I attentive without prying?

            Am I prudent in what I say or act?

            Am I grateful or thankful for routine service I receive?





Honor thy father and thy mother (Fourth Commandment).


At Home:


 Do I obey, care and honor my parents (according to my age and their needs?

            Do I make faces showing my displeasure?

Do I give time to the family? Having dinner together, enjoy free time or entertainment?

            Am I hospitable?

            How is my relationship with my siblings?

            Am I responsible in my studies?

            Do I assist financially at home as needed?


Married: (besides the above mentioned)


Do I protect my home and family from all bad influences of the culture)? If so How?

Have I manipulated my family, using my moods and anger to do what I desire or want?

Do I allow others, parents or friends, to manipulate or impose themselves or wills to come before our marriage?

            Do I honor and respect my husband / wife at all times?

 Have I shared with my spouse my vision for the family? DO I listen with interest to my spouse?

            Do I express love, affection and respect for my husband / wife?


With my children?


 Do I detect problems and face them with wisdom? Or do I let all responsibility fall on my spouse?

            What measures do I take to make my house a home?

            Am I responsible and orderly with the economy?

Do I help my family to be faithful to prayer, study, rest, go to their groups, fulfill their responsibilities?

            Do I share with them, [teach them ) taught and guided them?,

            Do I listen?

            Do I discipline them with wisdom

            Do I give them a good education help them be good Christians?


Do not kill. (Fifth Commandment).

            Have I supported or participated in abortion, suicide, careless driving?

            Have I committed irresponsible acts that put lives in danger?

            Have I committed acts of aggression, violence, etc?

            Have I attacked the dignity of someone?



 Do not commit impure acts. (No adultery, no fornication) (Sixth Commandment)


            Have I sought affection outside the order of the Lord?

How to distinguish between sentimentality and true love relationship between brothers?

            Do I relate in my mood or what builds in love?

            Do I fantasize or have impure acts, with myself or with others?

Do I participate in immoral jokes, or watch immoral programs, or have a seductive attitude,  dress immodestly?

            Do I obey God’s plan for sexuality in my state of life?


Thou shalt not steal (Seventh Commandment).


            Have I stolen in any form?

Have I neglected others property or not returned common property or shared property?

            Do I take advantage of my position for personal gain?


Speaking – Do not bear false witness and lies (Eighth Commandment)


 Who inspires my words: God or my ego? Have I wanted to give my opinion on everything?

            Do I tell the truth?

            Have I revealed secrets?

            Have I judged?

            Have I  gossiped?

            Have I complained looking for sympathy or relief?

            Have I given attention to improper or undue things?

            Have I put my attention to abuse?

            Have I spoken of things that do not edify or do not build up?

            Have I made jokes that were rude or hurtful to a race, nationality, etc.?


*** Thou shall not desire your neighbor's wife.  (by very Rev. James Alberione, S.S.P, S.T.D. ) (Nine Commandment)

•Have I consented to impure thoughts?

•Have I caused them by impure reading, movies, conversations or curiosity?

•Do I seek to control my imagination?

•Do I pray at once to banish impure thoughts and temptations?


***Thou shall not desire your neighbor's goods. (by very Rev. James Alberione, S.S.P, S.T.D. ) (Ten Commandment)

•Am I jealous of what other people have?

•Do I envy the families or possessions of others?

•Am I greedy or selfish?

•Are material possessions the purpose of my life?

•Do I trust that God will care for all of my material and spiritual needs?



Works of Mercy


Corporal Works of Mercy:


 Am I in solidarity with the sick, the hungry, the thirsty, the prisoners, the naked, the  strangers, or helped bury the dead.

 Do I see them as brothers and give myself to them or are they just as a statistics?




            Do I give good advice (counsel)/ correct / forgive

            Do I harbor a grudge?

            Do I suffer patiently annoyances of my neighbor?

            Do I pray for the living and the dead.

            Am I attentive to the pain of others?

Do I make a respecter of persons based on their appearance or do I make an exception according   to their appearance?

            Do I live in simplicity?

            Do I imitate Christ who was poor?

 Am I free from material attachments? Is this reflected in my attitude on purchases?

 Would I let go of cravings - do I allow myself to follow all my whims? Which ones?

  Do I cooperate with the works of the Church with true sacrifice and love or do I give my leftovers?




            Am I a witness)?

            Am salt of the earth and light of the world?

            Do I try with all my heart to make Christ known and loved by all?

            Am I in communion with the missionary spirit of the Church?

Do I take my friends to the Lord or do I allow them to drag me into the world?

            When I evangelize, do I do it with conviction or as if it just an opinion?

 Do I respond to the Spirit or ( what people may say paralyzes me)   paralyzes me say;?


 Dominion over Emotions


            What are my resentment, whims, impulses, fears?

Which is my prevalent emotion? Do I submit my emotions to the Lord to channel them for the     good? In what way are they affecting my behavior?

            Do I search for my interest and conform first or do I serve in Love?


Capital Sins & contrary virtues includes thoughts


Pride / Humility


Have I been humbled to think, have I compared to myself others,

            Have I tried to draw attention to my wisdom, my physique, etc..?

            Do I recognize littleness?

            Do I have contempt for others in my heart?

            Have I resented the treatment or jobs received or given?

            What is the motivation of my aspirations?

            Do I distinguish between what is doctrine and what is my opinion?

            Am I prudent and wise in giving my opinion?

            Do I think mine is the only one that counts?

            Do I think that without my presence all will go wrong?

Do I know how to distinguish what is my mission or do I meddle in what does not concern me?

            Do I recognize that I have no reason to boast other than in Christ?

            In what way are my actions mixed with pride, vanity, selfishness?

            Do I recognize my mistakes and apologize?

            Can I help without bossing people around?


 Greed / Generosity


            Am I attached to things,

            Do I sacrifice time, talent and money to serve according to God’s ways?

            Do I play with money?


Lust / Chastity

(as discussed above)


ANGER  vs. Patience


DO I KNOW HOW TO DEAL with MY crosses, illnesses, problems with relationships, work,   etc.?

 Do I lose my peace, or manifest crankiness, bad humor when things are not as I expect them to be?

 Do I blame the circumstances (example  “drew on my nerves” (this exasperated me)



GLUTONY vs.Temperance


            Do I eat more than is necessary? Do I Fast?

            Am I addicted to alcohol, drugs, and pills?


 Envy vs. Charity


 Do I feel jealous of positions, talent, other church groups? Or do I rejoice when others improve.

            In what cases can I recall I did not rejoice?


 Sloth Laziness vs. Diligence


            Have I fallen asleep like the disciples to what Jesus asked of me?

            Am I faithful to fulfill all my duty?

            How do I build up my family and group?

            Am I quick to serve even though I have no desire?

            Do I rest more than is necessary?

            Do I leave things for later?


Beatitudes (Matthew 5, 1-2)


            Have I been poor in spirit, free from attachment?,

            Have I been meek, patient, (edifying myself) by holy building?

            Have I wept at the sins that offend God?

            Have I been hungry and thirsty for justice?

            Have I been merciful?

            Have I been clean of heart, pure of thought?

            Have I worked for peace, in my person, household, group, world?

            Do I suffer with joy when I am persecuted for righteousness sake?

            How do I react to unjust, criticism or misunderstandings?


After your examination of conscience you must make resolutions in writing, assessing your current state and start to work on and improving and review at a later time.


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