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 We saw a need to pray not just once a year but every month for the persecuted Christians throughout the world who are persecuted for their faith in you Jesus Christ.  


On Saturday August 9th, 2014  after the 8am Mass we started this new tradition. Of Prayer for Peace and Life and Protection for all Christian and the unborn.


Most important Lord we interceed for the conversion of the heart of all who's heart are full of hatred let your love and peace reign in thir heart.  


The Knights of Columbus Silver Rose Campaign of Prayers for Life and Peace will continue here at home from once a year into a monthly event, every second Saturday of the Month At St Benedict the Moore Parish for  our entire Deanery.  Starting Saturday August 9th, 2014 after the 8 am Mass.


The Silver Rose started back in 1960 by the youth.  The Columbian Squires, the official youth organization of the Knights of Columbus, wanted to show gratitude to Our Lady of Guadalupe the patron of the Americas for all she had done for her people.


The group, headed by Brother Miguel Martinez Estrada, Grand Knight Andreas Saucedo and Fray Margil De Jesus of the Knights of Columbus Nuestra Señora de Monterrey Council 2312 in Monterrey, Mexico, came up with the idea of running a rose to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico. The Squires were so enthused that they wanted to invite other Squires from two other countries on the North American Continent to participate. They called on Squires from Laredo, Texas, and London, Ontario. The Canadian Squires asked to start the relay running of the Rose from there through the United States and finishing up in Mexico at the Basilica in Monterrey, on December 12, 1960


The first rose was a natural rose, and after a year, it had decomposed. The Squires were so full of inspiration they decided to make yet another relay run in 1961, but due to the condition of the Rose it could not be used again.  Bishop John C. Cody decided to make a bronze rose and sent it to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico. When the Squires learned of the bronze rose, the idea came about to make a silver rose because silver is one of Mexico’s precious metals. 


The rose bush, from which the rose was removed, and an image of is called “Rose of Peace.” The first “Silver Rose” was blessed by Bishop Alfonso Espino Silva. It was sent to New Haven to William L. Piedmont, Director of Fraternal Services at the Supreme Council Office. The Bronze Rose was blessed by Bishop Cody. It was received by Supreme Knight Luke E. Hart. Archbishop Francis J. Spellman of New York so admired both roses he kept them for a special Mass before they were flown to Texas. Presently we have five travelling Silver Roses in separate routes from Canada to Monterey Mexico


Today it has become more poignant than ever for us to gather in prayer of thanksgiving for LIFE and WORLD Peace we must emulate our beloved Saint John Paul II message of Evangelium Vitae.  


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